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Selling Your House after a Divorce

Selling Your House after a Divorce
Selling a House in Virginia

A divorce is one of the most stressful things people will potentially deal with throughout their life. The emotional strain is compounded by massive and sudden financial changes; and one of the biggest of those changes is that the former couple’s house will need to be sold. So how do you go about selling your home after a divorce?

If neither of you wants to stay in the house and take over payments – or if one does, but can’t afford to buy the other out, you’ll need to sell the home. There are two methods for selling your house after a divorce: the traditional method and the cash offer method. Let’s take a look at both.

How to Sell Your House After a Divorce

Selling your house after a divorce is an extra burden on an already trying time. However, there are benefits. The proceeds can you help you to start over, and with less physical assets tying you to your former spouse, you can make a clean break. 

One of the most important things to consider when selling your house after a divorce is your timeframe. Depending on each spouses financial situation, you might be able to list the home and wait, or you might need to sell ASAP. 

Determining which situation you’re in will help you choose which selling method to use. 

How Should I Sell my Home After a Divorce?

With your timetable established, it’s time to get down to it.

The Traditional House Selling Method

If you have potentially unlimited time to wait for your house to be sold, and are okay with putting in all of the work involved to get it in shape and ready for the market, the traditional method makes sense. You already know this method; you probably used it to buy the house in the first place! You’ll need to:

  1. Hire an agent (sometimes both former spouses will want to hire an agent)
  2. Decide how to divide the assets inside the house and the proceeds from the house itself
  3. Work together to get the house into selling shape
  4. Show the house
  5. Wait for months, maybe even over a year (a stronger likelihood with interest rates so high) and hope that offers come in
  6. Choose an offer together
  7. Go through the whole closing process together
  8. Pay everyone along the way
  9. Get your check and start fresh

There’s going to be a whole lot of talking and working together required for the traditional method to be successful. For many recently divorced couples, that’s not an easy sell. On top of that, waiting for your home to sell on a crowded market can significantly delay the divorce proceedings and couple’s asset redistribution, which can drag out an already painful process.

We think our way is better.

The Cash Offer Selling Approach

Choosing the Cash Offer method of selling your home will be much easier for you and your former spouse. Instead of having to go through the entire marathon of selling your former home, you’ll get a cash offer for it – and you’ll be able to cleanly break with a check in hand afterwards.

At Virginia, we’ve worked with tons of divorced/divorcing couples, and they’ve all remarked about how much choosing our method helped them move on faster. 

Here’s how our program works. 

The CASH Program

Here’s how we’re able to sell your home after a divorce so fast: It’s just 3 simple steps! 

Step 1:  Contact Virginia
Talk to your former spouse and agree that selling for a cash offer is the way to go. Then, Contact the Virginia team online or give us a call.  We’ll work with you both to set up a time to view your house.
Step 2: Receive Our Offer
We’ll inspect your house and make a cash offer within about a business day.
Step 3: Accept Our Offer

Review our cash offer with your former spouse (or have your lawyers do it) and if you choose to accept, congratulations! We’ll take care of the rest – you guys can make a clean break with cash in hand.

Make a Clean Break By Selling Your House for Cash after a Divorce

We’re sorry that things didn’t work out, and we hope for the best for you both in the future. We understand how much pressure and stress you’re under, and hope that we can help alleviate some of it by offering a great method to sell your former home.

To get your cash offer, fill out any of the forms throughout our site or call us directly 540-202-2004. We look forward to working with you! Virginia

At Virginia, we pride ourselves on making your home-selling experience as fast, profitable, and efficient as possible. We want to buy your house for a good price, and in doing so help you move on to the next chapter in your life. Virginia Virginia

At Virginia, we pride ourselves on making your home-selling experience as fast, profitable, and efficient as possible. We want to buy your house for a good price, and in doing so help you move on to the next chapter in your life.


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